quarta-feira, 15 de julho de 2009

Proof by David Auburn


1. an arithmetical operation serving to check the correctness of a calculation.
2. evidence sufficient to establish a thing as true.

In the realm of mathematics, theories are tested in order to draw conclusions that can be said to be truth. Love works differently. Mostly subconciously and in non-scientific terms, we test those in whom we have emotional investments in order to justify our vulnerability, thus making ourselves less vulnerable. We shake hands as proof of mutual understanding, seal friendships in blood, get married, sign our last will & testaments. We say to ourselves: THIS MUCH, at least, I know to be true.

Then the deal gets broken, we are abandoned by our friends, our partners divorce us and the will gets rewritten. A new set of variables has come into play, altering the proof completely. How many times have our past experiences have we found the error in these commonly accepted truths?

X + Y = Z
Where X = friend
Y = need
Z = a friend indeed

X + Y > N
Where X = love
Y = love lost
N = never to have loved at all

This play is about a very brilliant and complex proof. A proof that can only be found by someone not searching for it. An invisible proof, perceived by the senses and accepted through trust. And the truth which the proof unveils can only be experienced within the heart.

Quem leu a teoria e viu o filme "Proof" (com o brilhante Anthony Hopkins e a lindíssima Gwyneth Paltrow) e esperava encontrar a revelação da "fórmula matemática que governaria o cosmos", ficou possivelmente decepcionado. Afinal ela não existe porque no fundo, para o autor e para muitas pessoas, é o Amor a fórmula que governa o cosmos, e como é bom de ver esse não é passível de ser traduzido em fórmulas matemáticas.

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